A/V desync

I’m using 2.53, and I’ve added a HuffyYUV file to the sequencer. The audio is fine. The imported video is at 1FPS. After I render it, the thing plays back at double speed, and then stops at the last frame, which means it is finishing halfway into the audio. The frame rate is already set to 1FPS, and the GOP is set to 0; I have also tried setting it to 1 but it does the same thing. How can I get the video to play back at its normal rate?

EDIT: I got the video to play back at a normal rate, but it still does this thing where it stops or freezes when it gets halfway through the video. I keep fiddling around with different settings but I can never seem to get it to play back correctly. Oy, I’ve been at this for eleven hours. I’m thinking of giving up soon and switching to Vegas. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Give up now and retain sanity. Remember this is beta software and the VSE has allways been buggy about frame rates at import. Could you try importing it into a blend sequence set up at the same rate ie. 1 frame per second, then use the time stretch effect to get it out to the right duration?

How do you import something as a blend sequence?

By blend sequence I meant the rendering presets that are the settings fior the timeline.