A vague message

I am using a special script to export my model. But I get this error, and the model doesn’t export:


Please, if you have an idea what might be causing it I would be very grateful if you told me so I could fix the problem.

Thanks in advance for any help I may recieve. :slight_smile:

Try installing python. I think it helps with this kind of stuff

I already have it installed.

Is either isn’t version 2.4 or it isn’t there. It says that in the screenshot you posted

No, I think it’s there. Everytime I export it gives me an export log along with the export.

The message you receive isn’t vague but very precise.
Your own message on this thread is very vague:
-what script is this?
-what operating system are you using?
-how did you install Python?
-what version of it?
-where (disk, folder)?
-with version 2.43 your are already 2 versions late: have you tried version 2.45? Maybe it has a bugfix.

Answers to these questions will help us find out what can be done to help you.



The scripts I am using are at the very bottom of the page and labeled:

Import Export Scripts for Blender I016, e015

or the one on top. :slight_smile:

I am using a Windows XP.
Python came with the application when I downloaded it.
Python is version 2.4, and Blender is version 2.43 (they say those scripts work the best with 2.43)
I also have 2.45, but they say the scripts don’t work so well with 2.45.

I’ll try exporting with 2.45, but I don’t think anything will change.

edit: nope same error message

Using Linux and Python 2.5 here I can’t run the scripts.
By the reading of the export script I see that you do need a full install of Python 2.4. Blender is not seeing it because the ‘application’ (would it be MED?) probably installed it in a non-standard place on your disk.
That would force you to create a PYTHONPATH (yes, all in capitals) environment variable that would point to your Python installation folder.
Do you know how to do this.


Is it just re-routing where Blender looks for Python? If so, yes I will need someone to tell me how. I HAVE done it, once, but it was on a Mac and a totally different program.

First you’ll need to find out where your Python is installed.
A simple search will do the trick.
Then, oh boy can I remember… , RMB on My Computer, then Properties, then the ‘Advanced’ tab, then I think that the environment variable are the last choice at the bottom of a new dialog, but you’ll find out easily.
This will open a new dialog with two sections, on the lower section (“System variables” or something) there must be a ‘New’ button to click on. Enter the name “PYTHONPATH” (in capital letters) in the first field and in the second field someting like:
You’ll probably have to replace the “C:\PYTHON24” part by the path to you Python installation.
Try this, restart Blender and you should get the message:
Looking for Python 2.4…
Got it|

Let us know about any question and what happened.
This may be just a first step though and the error you get may pertains to the script itself. We’ll find out.


In my search box, it listed a couple of PYTHON files. How do I know which one is the correct file.

Or is it supposed to be a folder? No folders came up.

Could you tell me which files?
Please indicate the full path to them.
It feels like you’ll be able to install Python from http://www.python.org/ftp/python/2.4.4/python-2.4.4.msi
but I’d like to make sure that It won’t mess your system up.

Still haven’t told me if the ‘application’ was MED?
It might help me find my way in a system that I can’t see and only remember from a year past.


No, Python came with Blender when I downloaded it. At least, I am pretty sure it did. I downloaded both Applications a while ago.

Two files are from: C:\WINDOWS\system32

they are called “python22.dll” and “PythonCOM22.dll”

The other two are from C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender

they are called “python25.dll” and “python25.zip”

I assume it is the between the bottom two, but which?

OK forget it.
So the ‘application’ was Blender itself.
The Python .dll that comes with it is a ‘home brewed’ collection of Python modules that is far from complete. They are those alluded to in the message:
“Only built-in modules are available.”
You need a complete installation for the script you’re trying to use.
Download and install this: http://www.python.org/ftp/python/2.4.4/python-2.4.4.msi
Then restart Blender and let us know if it found Python.
Then make another attempt to export to .msh and we’ll see what we can do if there is still trouble.



It said “Looking for installed Python…got it!”, but it gave me the same exact error when I tried to export it.

Well you needed Python 2.4 anyway.

There’s a ‘Tools and Utilities Issues’ forum on DCMF where they certainly are more competent to debug their own script but tell me first if you have that problem with all the meshes that you’re exporting. Try exporting a simple UVsphrere for example. It is safe to say that a primitive is the simplest case and so, if the error persist then the script needs to be debugged and the people at DCMF are more competent than I for this.
If you can export other meshes then it must be that the mesh that you are trying to export is unusual in some way and we are the ones who can help you with that problem.

Try a primitive, a UVsphere would do, and tell me the result.

Yeah, it gave me the same error even with the UVsphere.

Then you’re good for a bug report.

Go to the “Tools and Utilities Issues” forum at DCMF and start by stating useful things like your OS, the service packs its at, and its updates (e.g. XP sp2 fully updated), the version of the script that you are using, the version of Blender that you are using (be precise, e.g. Windows 32bit 2.43). Join one .blend that is faulty and a nice copy of the content of the console, like you did here.
Indeed you could try to replace the msh_export.py script with version 0.14 that is also available for download. Just rename the present msh_export.py to msh_export.bak and install the version 014 of it (it will be named ‘msh_export.py’ too) in you .blender/scripts folder the same as you did for version 0.15.
Then try to export a UVsphere (BTW make sure by visiting the Outliner that that’s all you’re trying to export). It may be that the bug isn’t present in that version (although there will be other issues that version 0.15 is trying to fix) or maybe not. It’s worth a try.
Whatever is the outcome it is your duty to post a bug report: that coder is working hard for you and deserves your feedback. If you had success with version 0.14 then report it too as it may be a valuable clue.

I hope that you’ll find a solution to your problem.