A vertice question, again...

I am a new modeler playing about with Blender. I tried Zbrush but it was just… so… frustrating :mad:. So now I think Blender is the bee’s knees, and of course the price is right. Anyway, I read about using knife tool, subdivide etc, to add vertices to an edge but they’re not what I am after. I have edges that overlap other edges like an uneven grid, and I want to add a vertice at precisely where those edges intersect. What do I do? Thanks!

There’s tinycad addon that can split edges with other edges. If the edges overlap faces, could use split by edges option in faces menu (ctrl+F).

If you’re trying to clean up some imported model from sketchup maybe, my condolences. If you modeled that in Blender, would be good to learn to model without making too many mesh errors. If you upload an example .blend, people might be able to tell how you got in such situation with the modeling tools and how to avoid it.

One common mishap is to use fill edge/face (F) when connecting two vertices over existing face or multiple. Would have to use vertex connect (J) instead, that splits faces with new edges properly.

As a side note, Blender is one of those programs that is very different from others. These have good tips about how to handle the interface and what the settings do, which helps when having to adjust things for comfortable workflow in different situations https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0AfIdK08E7_PKsXOO_yuAql9b3hdcwPR

you can select one vertices at the edge and then below and click w to subdivide.

I did it, thanks guys!

Thanks! That got it!