A VERY basic goblet...

A very basic goblet. No reflection/refraction/transparency/mirroring/shadows, etc. I did’nt even apply a wood material to the table. I’m just goofing off a little bit here…



I think I just commented on this project in the Finished Projects section. :wink:

Anyway, it’s coming along quite nicely, I must say. It still needs a little thickness and the table texture looks too large.

Keep us updated. :slight_smile:

Very nice beginning. A normal glass goblet like that isn’t see through at the bottom, you need it to be thicker, and not as transparent. The Wood texture, is a good start off point. As WhiteBoy said it is a bit large, scale the texture down, and make play with the offset some, to make it not so smooth, put a noise texture in there, and vary the colors some. Plus to have the table affect. You need your plane to be thicker, or it just won’t look good. Well there are a few crits from me. Keep up the good work.


Yikes…I posted this yesterday and then could’nt locate it so I thought maybe I had forgotten to hit the “submit” button. Then I came back here and re-posted it but now I see this same post in the “finished” forum. Sorry about that. I never meant to double-post and the piece definately is’nt “finished”…lol. Anyway, thank’s for all the praise/crits :slight_smile:

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Thicker inside edge/rim, raymirroring, rayshadowing, better looking “tablecloth”, etc. Ok. lemme have it (good or bad) :slight_smile:


Length of time to complete: 22 minutes. Most of which was spent fine tuning the piece. This is just another experiment on the road to learning and not some “masterpiece” so fire away with the crits!.

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Don’t discredit your own work. It is a great start! Right now, it lookes like a very highly polished piece of plastic. You need to get some transparency and IOR in there! Oh, and PLEASE change the table cover. It is pretty bad. :o

Maybe find a nice wood or lace texture, I’m not sure what you are going for, fancy-shmancy or poor house. Also remember to change the bg.


Nah, I’m just modest. That way if people say it sucks, the “fall” is’nt quite as far…hehe :wink: . What do you think?..


And after I wave my magic wand and tap my ruby red glass slippers together three times…


what kind of fairy wears ruby red glass slippers

The table looks much better now. You’re on the right track there, but try using a higher resolution image. It looks pretty grainy.

I agree with WhiteBoy. But, the glass still needs to be… well, turned into glass.


New table :slight_smile: