A very important question!

Why in all 3D packages you can select multiple objects and then add/remove modifiers or perform any other action.
While in blender it will be preformed only on the active object ( last one selected ).
Why can’t the action i perform apply to all the objects in the selected_history array? ( And if it can’t it just won’t… like any other application ).
Do i really have to find a plugin/write a script every time i want to perform action on multiple objects?
I’m using blender for quite a while right now and this is just seems to me like a big drawback.

yeah, it’s ridiculous that that’s the way it was designed.

here’s a first step at fixing it.

deno begins @ ~13:00

Holy shit I’v just found the right time to complain about it did I? Thanks :smiley:

Too bad it doesn’t work on bone constraints :\