a very initial sketch for an illustration


I need to end this one.

Is for a good friend.That’s why.

he need it for a book he’s making. Kindda very amateur/cheap publish, though. :wink:

Is a very initial wip, though.

mainly he only told me : "mad max type postnuclear world, a police car, broken scenery, some grunts attacking in like motorbike or the like to th epolice. A tunnel. "

heck, this was the second rough idea I came with (first one I liked more, but he didn’t)

Pencil made, scanned these rough-quick lines, and now colouring and detailing (all is highly undetailed, I like very ended realistic stuff) with my wacom and Opencanvas beta 7.1 (a version was kind a free, with weird non trslated buttons (I think is japanese)) As it gives me better stroke pressure than Gimp for windows (for now) , and Pixia I don’t like the flashing when u make UNDO.

This one gives me a very near feel to pencils/painting, but is never so good, of course. I’ll end it, since monday I have some more time.I’ll probably go posting here.

Beware, huge graphic (132 ks) even though I scaled down a lot.

Nifty! :o) Have you ever seen the artwork for “Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind”? Your coloring and shading reminds me of Miyazaki’s style back then. The undefined outlines and the blurry shading give a sense of action to your work. However, there seems to be some discontinuities in the general style: the ditch on the ground stands out immediately with all its well-defined lines. The orange sky presents too warm of a hue to contrast with the overall gray-tone of the image. You also might want to consider adding some shadows to the guy who is falling over while shooting; right now he seems like a phantom.

thank you, everything said is true.

but mainly,is as I start drawing… I prefer to play a lot before I stablish where and how things will go…

Yup, all shadows are out yet…I never let undefined lines once ended…the colors are not well toned, nor balanced…indeed, the fact is…I just posted to start a thread here so to force myself a tiny bit (though it may not work, I’m lazy fo rcomputer colouring…) so my friend can have it…

But all you saw is certain, just is not something to be worried, as is just the in proccess stage… :slight_smile:

Indeed, much more…the flying “motorbikes” are cloned (just i did to give me an idea) and scaled…

the mess on the strokes is also as used several tools (GIMP also) to make this first start…

The face of man with the rifle-shotgun is starting to have the touch I like.

Well, I guess you will see my style in a much advanced stage…I’ll probably post any udpate, though :slight_smile:

If I find the motivation :wink:

Thanks ! :slight_smile:


Can I ask how long it took you to sketch that?


cannot say…didn’t count.

As is a drawing I don’t feel in the mood to make. Mainly as the guy change his opinion on where the stuff must goo to easily.

But usually when I make things on my own wish, that’d be banged pretty quick, is sketch level only.

This was bout…well, maybe two afternoons and evenings. (more time lost in idea…)
orcs mafia

This, a mourning, in a game company (not really…3:30 hours more or less if I remeber well. I loose too much time thinking on the idea, once again)

concept art

This, half mourning.

same time here

The orcs mafia is my favorite, but these are all great pieces. I’d love to see more finished pieces from you.



Thanks :slight_smile: there you go, but non ended, mostly.Ended stuff often has now a new owner…

The oil picture is from an oil I made. But the photo is bad, and the perspective is distorted for that. Also, can’t be apreciated anything there…

As you see, I don humoristic stuff sometimes too.

wow, great style man, i really like your work. could you post a new link for the orc mafia and elf pictures their link dosnt work.

Thank you very much for the cumpliments :slight_smile:

sometimes the urls doesnt go, but are responding at other moments…

anyway, here I put them again…



( seems you were right…it’s a free images ulpoad service…it perhaps cancels the urls when they’ve been posted after some time…which indeed is not bad, as I mainly want it to show something from now an dthen… )

thats cool, but you really have some nice quality work, and hopfully will post those pics and more later on.
also Alltaken provides free web space, but i’m not sure if its for blender images only or if he would let you put up some traditional work too, they dont seem to be very large files, you should look into it for these pics and future ones.
keep up the great work!

Alltaken wrote:

if you need free webspace for your blender images then you can easily upload them here

ok got them to come up, damn dude this is some really great stuff, you should write your own book and illistrate it, mabey a childrens book, the orc mafia is great!

Thanks a lot, Wu, those are really nice cumpliments :slight_smile:

It’s my real passion indeed…painting, comics, illustration.

Indeed…perhaps, but i am not sure, I may start a comic, been thinking about it lately…As now I have like a month or two of real free time, and as I already dedicate a lot of hours to 3d and computer graphics, would be nice for a change, and to take again my pencils… As now I am not in a job, nor doing hard tasks, which has been the usual.

I made this as a job not long ago, like one year ago or so…they wanted me as concept artist, but ended doing 3d , webs and all, as we were very few people.

About the gallery…I think it would not be apropiate, as logically , that is set up for blender images…and not only this is totally unrelated, but even also I myself don’t use Blender for modelling (I use Blender for animation) as I use Wings, so I am not even really a Blender user.

Don’t worry, as I have (and thanks for being so gentle) a website space, even paid one. Is just I left it in permanent “in construction” :wink:

If I make some more work in that direction (drawing) be sure I’ll post here, if I’m allowed.

yep, the mafia guys is more my style.
Though what i really like more is pure realism. I have like two “fields” : a kind of detailed, expresive humoristic style, and the realistic one.

The humoristuic even did serve me to earn some bucks with some isolated paper magazine. :slight_smile:

you got to try it man, you got the skill to tell stories through drawing, and a creative style i think people will really go for. if you have a couple of months of free time i would make it happen.
you could sit down draw a few characters and with them in mind come up with a story. even better would be to start a new thread here something like ?story ideas" and put up some characters, and get feed back here on what people like. that would be very neat to watch a book being made and see updates and how the story and characters develope. are you willing to give it a try? i think you should man. a really well written, well illistrated childerens book or something like that would be great, and you would be great at making it :smiley: !
i mean i look at your orc mafia picture and i think that is top level, professional cartoon/graphic illistration, you would be great at writting and illistrating books for all ages especially children, this is the kind of stuff my parents looked for!

nice idea… :wink:

but i am not really into making childrens books, though someday I may feel in the mood :slight_smile:

Your idea is very good, though.

Indeed, the comic I may start is a bit more for adults…not “adult content” as use to be understood, but not for children either :slight_smile:

Your idea, is good, as I say. :slight_smile:

Who knows, maybe someday I’ll make illustrated children books :wink:

Thanks a lot for your cumpliments :slight_smile: