a very little something-sword on an island (update)

i was into the mood of something like this…anyway it’ll probably be in my game comments and suggestions are welcomehttp://img189.exs.cx/img189/2008/swordisle6ug.th.jpg

I like the shading on the water, but the shape of the water is too sharp, too much like the island. It ends up looking more like blue land than water. It would also benefit from some AA, lack of AA really ruins any toon shaded picture as the jaggies become very obvious.

On the plus side the toon shading settings seem to work quite well for a good cartoony look and I like the design of the sword.

what is AA? also i have found out that either the sword is gigantic or the island is a rock!- not good! so i’ll probably change the entire thing

Waters looking good. I see what you mean about the size disparity, I figured you intended it to by a small rock with the sword on it in fact. As for AA its stands for Anti-Aliasing, basically it softens the edge of a picture. To use it in Blender toggle the ‘OSA’ button in the ‘Render’ tab and select how many passes.

i already did osa…

The second image is much better but those cracks are just too much
the water is also pretty good on the second one
Care to share your material settings for it?

i was never so good with materials…but if you say it’s good…yeah sure! i’ll share!