a very newbie question

hey everybody, I am sorry to post such a newbie question here, but I cannot get thorough one thing. I was modelling in blender to use it for swf’s or jpeg’s and then in flash, but yhesterday I found out that I can use the game engine and whe web plugin for some parts of my website. but my problem is, that when I am in the scene and I click on the logic button and I click on any object in the scene I don’t have there the actor button. what I did wrong or what can I do with it? thanks a lot with your help, because I would like to work with this and maybe try to develop parts of a web site in game blender.

Here we go again…


Though I do think they should have left Sumo on by default, at least until another engine is available.

thanks a lot, I would have searched, but I did not see the search button :expressionless: