A very noobie question

I created a simple ginger bread man with armatures on both arms and legs.
Now i created a plane/floor for him to be able to walk around it. Now i’m wondering how can i make him walk on that plane?

Im new here…Threads are great! :slight_smile:

Hi SJice. Welcome to BA.
To make something walk on a floor plane, you use the floor constraint on your foot bones (or their IK targets, depending on how you’ve done your rig).
Good luck!

Thank yOu Freen :slight_smile:
Reading threads inspires me.

So anyway, is there anyway, you can explain it to me in a step by step process?
Im really a newbie with blender. But i’ve made several tuts.

Thanks. Reading the threads is inspiring me :slight_smile:

So anyway, is there any possible and easy for you to explain it to me in a step by step w ay? Im kinda new to blender, but i’ve done some tuts.

You may want to start with http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:Tutorials/Animation/BSoD/Character_Animation
It starts with creating a model then goes on to the armature and then animating the walk cycle.

Listen to Loopy Shane.
That tute is a classic. It’s what gave me my start and should be required reading for anyone wanting to animate a character in Blender.