A very odd, kinda funny thing that happened today.

this must be by the far the most random thing i’ve ever posted. i was just shocked at the insane comedy of this that i had to tell someone. here’s the story.

okay, so in school, after lunch when everyone is hurrying back to their classrooms, there’s the normal amount of playfull shoving like usual. but, for reasons unknow to me, one kid purposely pushed another relatively hard. of course, this resulted in him pushing back. then, (i still scratch my head at this part) the first kid takes his lunch box and throws it at the second kid. it was a terrible throw though, and the lunchbox harmlessley hits a locker, spewing it’s contents everywhere. one of those items was a juicy pear. kid #2 takes this pear, walks over to kid #1, and forcefully smashes it on his forehead. then he walks off. kid #1 is left standing there with half of a pear still resting on his face, with juice dripping down the sides. then he goes on his way.

i kinda felt bad for kid #1 because i personally can’t imagine anything much worse then getting a pear smashed in your face. :expressionless: odd thing was though, when i tried to think of a more comical way for that to have happend, i couldn’t. the real version was still the weirdest.

So what do u guys think of that whole episode?


Or more precisely, qdb.us’ed. Clicky.

To be honest kid#1 deserved it.

kid#1 started it, and kid#1 attempted to throw his box at kid#2. I think kid#2 had the right to do what he did, putting kid#1 back in his place.

Kids now adays are trying to jump the ranks of age. They think that because there so young taking on an older pupil wont hurt, as an older pupil would never hurt someone younger.
Sadly there mistaken and end up badly injured and mentally scared. But atleast they learn a lesson.

I find it hard to believe that someone would have a pear in their lunchbox that would be rotted enough to smash into someone’s face like that. Besides, it’s after lunch. Why would there be any food at all in the lunchbox?

if i were kid 2 i might not have mashed the pear on the kid but i would have done something. at our school its almost garunteed to happen

well, to answer your questions: first, the kids were the same age. also, the reason it was so odd was that fights almost never happen at my school (physical ones like that). also, i have no clue to why the kid didn’t eat his pear. i saw the remains on the ground and it looked extremely juicey.

A lesson is to be learned here: “always eat your fruit and you will stay out of trouble!”

Finally someone notices the real problem. :stuck_out_tongue:

the fact that you call this a ‘fight’ proves you have no fights at school. i’ve seen some remakes of Kill Bill at my cousins’ schools.

kids today never eat their fruit. proven fact. :wink:

I think the whole thing is funny (as long as you weren’t the kid with a pear on his head).

Posted to the real bash.org as well. :wink: