A VERY odd problem

I am having a very odd problem, and I am not sure if Blender is responsible. I keep finding over 80 files in over a dozen folders that I did not put there. I delete them (have even done it in safe mode), and then they come back. They are in different formats, but they cannot be open or accessed.

The reason that I am posting this here is that they only reappear when I try to append a file to the project that I am working on. I have checked the folders before appending, and the files are not there. When I hit shift-F1, I see them in the append window, and they have been added to the folders. They appear in one of my Blender folders where I keep .blends that I have downloaded, but they also appear in some of the AOL folders.

Has any one any idea what is going on here? Should I post this in the bug tracker listing? While I know a little about computers, I am not great with them, and this has me HORRIBLY confused. I am using Blender 2.33, and this is both the first time I have tried to append a file and the first time that I have noticed this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


What are the formats or extensions?

Some of them are in .jpgs, .mp3s, .exes. Some look like MS-DOS files. But when I click on them, nothing happens.

Some do not even have extensions. And they are not random files, they have very specific names, some of them sexual, some innocous, like “Harry Potter Game”.

Uhm, I don’t really have an idea for you to do, but ehm, what do you see when you open them in Notepad? Does it look familiar? (Compare it with a .blend opened in Notepad?) :-?

edit:/ Sexual? Don’t open them! Run a virusscanner or two, and Spybot. I have no idea why they appear when you’re appending in Blender…

When I open one of the files using Notepad, it fills the screen with a jumble of symbols and letters. I guess it looks similar to a .blend file, except that the .blend file has a lot more spaces. The foreign files have none.

I have run both virus and spy ware, and everything is fine. But they won’t open; when they are clicked on, nothing happens.

I, obviously, won’t use the append function, but I want to know where they came from.

must be in chinese :wink:

More like English letters, mathamatical symbols, blocks, lines, astronomical symbols, gibberish . . . . . . . It’s all Greek to me. In fact, a few of the symbols do appear to be Greek so . . . . . . .

I’m out of ideas…
Oh wait, two more! :smiley: Try deinstalling Blender (scrubbing everything away), and install it again. Or try the optimized build. Maybe that one doesn’t have the problem. Although I have a strong feeling it isn’t Blender causing the problem…

I would say a virus is responsible for that (your blend files don´t have anything to do with Harry Potter, do they?).

AHA! If you click on it, and nothing happens, then it is a virus or spyware for sure! what is really happening, is the program is opening up a process, and running it in the background, and the more you open it, the more spywares or viruses you will have running!!! delete all folders immediately, and then run Ad-Aware, and norton antivirus, if you have it. Be careful!


No they don’t. Nor do they have anything to do with Britney Spears and Eminemm, or the 70 other names that appear on the files. I first noticed it yesterday, whne trying to append, and thought that the files were just in the one folder. I used McAfee online virus scan, and it came up with nothing. In fact, while I was watching the scan, I saw that it was scanning those same files in other folders. I eventually found about 30 folders that the files appear in (and it is HARD deleting over 80 files in 20 different folders, while trying to keep the original files in place.)

I will try to reinstall Blender, and even try the optimized one. I just shudder to think of all that time deleting again if those don’t work . . . . . .

I am in contact with Dell support, to see if it is a problem outside of Blender.

It is a problem outside of Blender, you can be sure of that.



Thanks. I bow to thee, oh Computer Gods.

Backup stuff worth backing up, that is if you have a easy method of doing that.

I find if it’s just my personal computer I can just back up everything and reformat easier than finding the source of the problem, which is deffinatly a mallicious program in this case.

So if you can backup large amounts of data (CD Burner + 3$ worth of CD-Rs should be good enough) and know how to format. Clean that harddrive spotless. In addition, you will have backups of imporntant stuff for the future.

They appear in one of my Blender folders where I keep .blends that I have downloaded,

It sounds like you are looking in your web browser cache.

I save all of the .blend files and tutorials in a special folder in the folder that I save allof my Blender work. That is one of the places the files are appearing. The other is in the aol downloads folders, and in nearly every sub-folder. I am trying a few things to get rid of them.

You have the netsky virus. My grandma had this even though he had anti virus, and it was updated.

Somehow it got it and put “pussy.avi” and “hot porno.avi” as well as lots of mp3s, text files and the like. brtinay spears.mp3 anyone?

Any hoots, grab this and scan your entire hard drive. http://vil.nai.com/vil/stinger/

Then run windows update, and your antivirus update app. Then do a search with your antivirus app after that.

Dittohead, icons will be built in your image, your name will be held in reverence ever more. Your wish is my command. I worship at your electronic feet.

I am running Stinger now, and finding so much more than I thought was on here.

The sad thing is that I had an older version of Stinger, so I should have thought about that.

Many, many thanks.