A very simple question (for some) - Transportation

Hellooo. I’ve a small question today, and I would love it if someone answered.
I’ve searched for it long, but how do I transport an object from one place to another? Preferably from where it is now, and snap to another object. Preferably with little or no python. I’ve actually searched long, and found nothing on it.


Oh, and I have a few other questions some others might like to answer but is not necessary:
How do I bake procedural textures on an object for use in BGE?
How do I get shadows?

Thanks in advance.

1.If you want as less python as possible, you may use logic bricks.
Here’s an example: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6162142/transp.blend
I use a message and near sensors to terminate and respawn the cube at a different location.
2. Yes, you can and you get the shadows!