a video of my hospital experience ;)

I did a vLog of me in the hos, when my lung collapsed.

I could have done without the P bottle part man! At least you could have taken a swig!

Maybe Shatter could give you some hair advice. Hahahaha

Get well soon.

Ouch… I don’t have sound at work, what happened? I mean how did it happen?

Look through my posted threads, I posted a thread when I was in the hospital.

guess it was pretty hard to pirate maya from your hospital bed, right?

Oh shite, dude, that can not have been pleasant!

@dan_hin: ummm… ok?

@konaha: Yeah, it sucked! Thanks for subbing though =)

Hey hope you are all better now. Thanks for going that extra distance to update us on what happened via vlog on your experience at the hospital due to a collapsed lung. Look forward to more of your contributions to the blender community in course.

hope you’re better now!
i myself hated the p-bottle when i was in hospital. i mean, how are you supposed to p lying on the back (i suppose with a collapse lung you’re horizontal too?), with nurses rushing in an out? someday i thought my bladder would explode. but then yeah, filling up the bottle at max is pretty darn comforting… :smiley:
good luck!

Just wondering how do you avoid getting a collapsed lung? You look pretty healthy!! Always when I see people that are healthy and get dangerous stuff happening to them, I’m afraid it will happen to me…So how did you get a collapsed lung killer? What should we not do to get a collapsed lung…:D?

I’m pretty sure a collapsed lung is a spontaneous thing. Both my uncle and my brother had it but the problem is that once you have it your first time you have a much greater chance of having it again in the next few years. I don’t remember the numbers but they are significant.

As alpha said it was a spontaneous pneumothorax (a random collapsed lung) although, since I had surgery I only have a 5% chance of it coming back. Otherwise I’d have a 33% chance.

They don’t know why it happens, it’s just one of those things…

And yes, I was horizontal.

You was smiling and talking smooth in that video. That’s a good sign. :smiley:
Btw, are you still in the hospital? You should be there for over a month. Damn…

No, I’m outa the hospital =)

Edit: This video was BEFORE surgery… I was hopped up on morphine after surgery (so I couldn’t do another vlog) I had a morphine pump (so I could push a button and give myself drugs)

I thought a collapsed lung was caused by moving to abruptly from warp drive into hyper speed. At least that is what I was told and is why I am very careful during that transition.