A Video Panel For Every Face Of A Sphere?

H All,

I am looking for a way to make a sphere with a different video playing in each face of the sphere.

I have tried the approach of using a large image sequence with all the video already arranged in a grid like fashion. This kind of works, but there are mapping issues near the poles I don’t know how to resolve.

Has anyone done this or have a link to a BLEND?


the uv sphere uses tri’s at the poles, so change that to be just a black dot.

another way would be to make a new primitive for a sphere
where the size of the square are all the same dimensions except near the poles!

and it would be a nice new primitive that can also be use for disco ball !

i might try to make a new primitive like that when i have time later on
unless you have time to do now !

happy 2.5

If you are using a large image sequence with video arranged in grid-like fashion then you aren’t really playing a video on each face of the sphere, you’re more or less just faking the appearance of faces on the sphere depending on how your grid pattern is constructed.

If you want to play different video on each actual face of the sphere’s mesh, then this should be pretty easy, although time consuming. Suppose your sphere has 8 segments and 8 rings, this gives it 64 faces, so you need 64 different videos.

In edit mode, break the sphere up by selecting 16 faces at a time and then separating them into new meshes (P for separate, and then by selected). In object mode, select one of the sphere pieces and parent all the others to it. Later, if you want to animate this sphere, then animate just the main piece.

Now assign a new material to each of your 16-face sphere parts, then further add a new material index for each of these individual faces. A mesh can have 16 different materials, which is the reason to break the sphere into separate 16-face pieces.

Then for each material index for each sphere piece, add an image texture and select one of your 64 videos.