A video showing the new features of blender ?

With every release, and lots of new features it would be great that the BF or somebody would do a video showing the new features, just a quick overview so we can get rolling.

What for? If someone got too much spare time, why not.
Simply check out the release logs:

And if you want to know more about a feature simply klick on its hyperlink to the manual page.

Videos are a great idea. I see they’ve already started this:


But I guess as always its a free-time issue. I’m sure the developers have been flat out coding, and don’t have time to load camtasia and do screen recording sessions.

I have created a short crappy video of some new features.

Oh…what a bad quality, you better download the original file from below.

yeah ! thank you so much man ! this was what i meant ! man internet is awesome 8D

now i know where is the grease pencil, how the sun atmosfere goes, the glsl materials in just 3 minutes , thanx !

agreed, thanks for making that.

No problem :slight_smile:
I hope you found it useful, next time i try to make a better one.

Very nice. Thanks for providing that.