A video tutorial is done and ready to be downloaded!

I am happy to announce that my first video tutorial is up and ready to be downloaded from www.kot-in-action.com
This is my first tutorial ever, so I hope it came out good.
The tutorial targets MAX users who would love to migrate to Blender for various reasons, but overwhelmed with it’s state-of-art GUI. It will explain how to make Blender look similar to 3DS MAX.
Go ahead and get it while it’s hot :slight_smile:
Thank you.

No beginner needs such tutorial?

It might be that there are no many MAX users there. Perhaps try some other forum with more mixed userbase?

I would try it on CGTalk. In the 2.47 Release Thread there are some requests how to make the GUI look more like Max.


Thank you for the lead. Posted there.

It’s usefull but kind of incomplete. I made such a mimick myself a couple of years ago, just as a file, having a video tutorial too is better. I still think we should give a more detailed migration glossary to/from Blender, but have no time to do it right now. I’d be willing to help someone else undertaking it though.

I’m a migrating Max user :slight_smile: I think everlight is also… maybe a few others… I’ll take a look when I get a chance. Thanks for posting!

as I said this one is my first tutorial. I planned more, but haven’t had time. I am planning on continue making video tutorials for Blender. They will be suited for game developers at first, but later I might expand to other areas.
The thing is that you can’t have Blender to be MAX. There is no need really to have UI looking like MAX. There is no advantage in that. But for the first timers it’s useful. Btw, you can’t have MAX look like Blender (or XSI for that matter). So blender is pretty flexible UI wise in that perspective IMO.
Thank you for expressing interest btw :slight_smile: