A Violin Scene

Hello, this is my first post here at BlenderArtist, and it is also my first work without following a tutorial, I hope you like it, and please give me me some advise.
It was made with Blender 2.61, and I used Luxrender 8.0 for the final Render.
Thanks a lot,


looks great, but someone has gone ocd with the polish- clean as a whistle.

Great start. I agree with Dalron on applying some grime, perhaps some spec-maps. I’d also like to see more bumpmaps. Nothing is that blank, not even really blank stüff… :smiley:

That’s your first non-tutorial render, very nice. Love the orchestra myself. As for suggestions for improvement I would say the least realistic portion is the black plasticy parts on the violin. Cant put my finger on it, viewing from mobile, but something about those parts does not fit.

overall pretty good, but I must agree about the clean and shininess of the table. also, on the frog of the bow there is what looks like white plastic. that is for cheap bows. good bows have mother of pearl.

I thank you all, I agree with you, i think you are right.
Thanks for the advises,

Hi that is wonderfull scene how can I get theese textures?:(( I also want to maake violin…

Thanks Sensenku!
Actually you can download the scene here:

The only difference is the table texture, as far as you can’t upload textures from CGTextures at Blenswap.
Then, the one at Blendswap was rendered in Cycles, but the one here it was rendered with Luxrender.