A voyage back in time

After the summer path here is a new scene finished a few months ago. I did this after a prairie scene created in Terragen about two years ago and I wanted to see what it would look like in Blender.
This one took all my computer resources and as it became difficult to move around I couldn’t improve it anymore. So I post it here as it is.

For this scene I used Graswald and The Grass Essentials, The Grove for the trees except the one far left that was done with Tree Plant Factory 2014 and also the 3 trunks. The 2 men are from the Rob Tuytel Udemy course " Creating 3D environments in Blender".
Also the HDRI sky was done with Terragen.

1500 samples here, CPU render only.


amazingly photorealistic, love it 10/10

I agree, it looks like a photograph. Looks like a nice warm summer day.

Thank you !

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend! :slight_smile:

By the way, would you mind submitting this image as a header for BlenderNation? Details are here: https://www.blendernation.com/submit-header-graphic/

You’re #featured! :+1:

I would love to see a highres version of that. Nice work !

amazing ! was the viewport responsive ? also too much bloom !

Thank you Bart !

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Thank you !

I had to hide visibility for the grass and most of the trees that I did in a separate Blender session for the Grove 3D ones. The problem here was mainly lack of memory, at that time I had 24 GB. To spare some memory, I also had to set the undo steps to zero.

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what took 24 gig of ram ? vegetation are supposed to be instanced, so memory intensive free, no ?

In this kind of scene, that is quite huge, it does take some memory plus the fact that there are many kind of grass. There are also instanced conifer trees in the background forest that are not very much visible.

if you are using 2.8 theres a bug where the instances are not using memory correctly, it could be that ?
edit: no it use 2.79 hmmm… its really strange that it took so much ram

I don’t know exactly.
I just loaded the scene again and it takes about 25 millions polygons. Memory indicates 47 GB ( the indicator on the right of the top bar) once everything is loaded for rendering.

Amazing job!

You have the title absolutely perfect. This image reminds me of when I was a small lad out playing with my mates, over 40 years ago. Brtilliant job and thanks for bringing back the great memories.

Thank you !

Dang this is awesome!

Come on! This scene deserve a 4K render! But it must be very taxing on the machine and time consuming. Stunning work!