A walk among the great mushrooms

Me and my son, exploring the world of the great mushrooms:)
This is my first step in camera tracking with blender, it was really fun to do. Every single part (ok, except for the footage) was created and edited in my favourite software, including video editing.

Cool, I like it. The mushroom’s colour fits perfectly to the scene.
I also tried to do some VFX but I fail when it comes to composition, color correction, etc…You have done this very nice.

Thank you for your comment!
I used an HDRI (from openfootage.net) for environment lightning, and some careful tweaking of the colors with a simple RGB curves node. The HDRI was quite similar to the actual environment, it only had to be rotated to get the suns direction right.
The middle of the green color channel was lifted a bit to blend more in.
The problem for me is the difference between the render and the footage in the case of noise and blur. I hope that i can handle it next time when i also try to spice the project with some rigged movement and some masking.