A walk in the park 21 sec short

Here is a little test short i did, took me about 3 hours for everything. Wanted it to look like a cartoon so tell me what you think.

450k Divx

It looks cartoonish, but you might try tohupouu (sp?) and catrtoon material.

Setting is herm… basic?

Nice and fluid movements.


hey, fancy dance moves! :slight_smile:
i were thinking of the title of the post, a walk in the park. obviusly there are a lot of life there as he constantly gets hit by balls, but u might think of adding some trees, people, benches whatever. oh well its in wip, ill leave it to you. :wink:

If you’d add some stuff on the ground, the movements of the character wouldn’t look so awkward. He looks now as though he’s sliding on the same spot.