A way around Ter2Blend

(BMD) #1

Ok, i found a plugin for terragen that exports to DFX. http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~jomeder/feo/index.html

Follow the directions and voila! in order to get the proper materials, you need to still plot the locations of the camera, and there are too many polygons so that it is broken into several sections, but give them all the same material and hit the win button and you’re there

(warning: It takes me about 5-8 minutes on a pentium 4 to import the DFX into blender)

Thought it might help!


(SKPjason) #2

Very interesting… Just a few days ago someone else posted about a way to import the terrain textures into Blender…

However… now that development on Terragen has begun again… I’m inclined to stick with Ter2Blend… Besides… I think Terragen renders sunlight, shadow, and mists better than Blender can (without a lot more tweaks and hard work) - Together, the two programs make a powerhouse set of tools… You can’t make a house with just a hammer… you needs saws, screwdrivers, and wrenches…

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this will be a help to me.

i posted the one about textures and had been wanting to manually export to a better polygon size but by the sounds of it this will do it for me.

with this and a more refined texture export from terragen i will be able to get some really good images from blender.

( i do agree terragen renders light and shadows really well but sometimes you just want to render it in blender)

(Alltaken) #4

opps i already had this plugin and seem to have forgotten that it could export to DXF.

ha ha ha thats funny!!

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i did not use ter2blend AT ALL!!! for this image.

i used the dxf export then my texturing technique.

now if i want it could go up to 513x513 mesh with an almost infinate size texture.

this image was only 257x257 with texture size 936x936 px
so it could be much better all round but this is now a TER2BLEND free image. and a BLENDER NATIVE RENDER.


landscape mesh.(imported from terragen-previousely from height map editor into terragen)
two lights

you can now edit and alter landscapes as much as you want rather than being stuck with the terragen generated ones.

have fun without using plugins------

(BMD) #6

I was just experimenting, and i found that, in the same downloaded plugin, that if you use the windows BMP option, and then use the noise button in blender, you can get the same results without the annoying importation of the DFX!

Thought you might wanna know


(Alltaken) #7

yup that was the first thing that i tried.

it is very convenient to use a bump map type image (black & white)

but one thing you must note is that the quality of the landscape is relative to the number of vertex’s on the mesh.

for me i find the DXF method provides much better results.
and in conjunction with the camera and light settings for ter2blend will make better shadows for objects that will be composited over a terragen image. the current ter2blend plugin has reasonably acurate shadows but they are not as acurate as with a higher poly mesh.

using the noise function is very quick and provides easy scaling of mountains etc.
its always helpfull to know all the methods cause there are alot of them to do this.

height maping

everyone should go get terragen and give all the methods a try cause they all work well and they all do slightly different things. in conjunction with each other you may find its a powerful thing.

have fun

(0ptikz) #8


No offence, but that isn’t even close to what terragen can do.

I don’t think there is a substitute for using the ter2blend script, if you want it done well, this is the only way…

(saluk) #9

But, if you want good easy animation control, it is much better to have the landscape in blender as a model than to try and render all the frames of the animation with the right camera movement etc (or does ter2blend do this for you?). Anyway, true terragen does render better, but sometimes, you either just want the landscape in blender, or you need to add some of the kinds of landscape geometry terragen can’t do (caves) or you want to make the landscape for a game, or what have you, it’s nice to know there are other methods of getting terragen output. Couldn’t it also be difficult to get the blender models to look right against the terragen background? I haven’t used ter2blend, so I don’t know how much it gives you, but some of the terragen pics I’ve seen don’t blend the blender lighting with the background very well. In some cases, having the background look really pretty makes your models look bad anyway, so you might as well render the landscape in blender too so it comes out looking right. Just some thoughts, I’ve never used ter2blend, so I don’t really know anything:)

Thanks for the tip:)

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none taken

i actually agree with you.

as this was a very quick ten minute job it is not perfect.

terragen is much nicer in rendering but it takes forever. this pic was about 10 seconds of rendering while the terragen equivelent render was about 10 min. 600x faster and you can do all later rendering in one program.

in about 1 month i will post an image that you will respect.

the texture will be super high resolution and the mesh will be 526,338 polygons.

this new one that i will do shall make you and me proud.

but i do agree the current one is CRAP. early days my friend early days.

using the DXF export in conjunction with ter2blend will give better shadows than just using ter2blend. just thought i would point that out

have fun everyone