A way for Blender experts to help in the current crisis

We all know that Social Distancing works - but only if people actually do it!
Getting the message out ( particularly to younger adults) is important but so far I have seen zero PSA’s in the US about this - just talk from politicians.

It occurred to me this morning that Blender is well suited to visualize the spread of the virus from social contact using particles.
So imagine there was a short, recognizable film clip, doctored with Blender to add in visible particles spreading between people then it may be picked up by social (and perhaps mainstream ) media to drive home the need for people to distance.
For this to work I see the following requirements:

  1. Find and capture a suitable clip 15- 20 seconds with major stars that joe public will recognize.
    Not so easy since major picture group scenes rarely include coughing or sneezing.
    The movie Contagion may be a good place to start looking - perhaps with Gwyneth Paltrow breathing particles on others at the Casino

  2. Get permission to use it
    Again not easy and probably a requirement otherwise social media may block it for ‘copyright’ reasons

  3. Build particle overlays with reasonable physics linked to coughing, breathing etc showing particles being expelled and ingested - no need to exaggerate other than to make the particles big enough to see

  4. Spread it around.


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