A way to access Vertices of different Subdivision Levels?

I There A way to access Vertices of different Subdivision Levels?
I mean prettymuch what can be achieved with Multiresolution Modifier, but with the difference that I want to select/model the “subLevel” Vertices, not just sculpt them?
Never heared of a 3d Tool that was able to do that(only in sculpting- mode)
And I wonder why- or am I just missing out something?

  1. They’re generated, so any change in original mesh would ruin the edits.
  2. The only feasible edit on them would be deformation. No cutting, deleting, etc.
  3. A different data representation is required for editing.

That’s why such edits are only available for multires (which fulfills #3 and works around #1), and only in sculpt mode (which provides #2).

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ok, sure thats pretymuch what i meant-
I only want to access the generated vertices, I would only want to translate/move them, no changing of the topology. kind of what the sculpting does, but with “real” access on vertex, Edges,faces-
Any reason this is not done so far?

…because it’s unnecessary? If you need full editing, you can simply apply the subsurf.

“Subsurf” is a bit of a mathematical trick. It generates what is not actually there. (Of course: “so you don’t have to.”)

I think it would be a very powerfull addition- as you would be able to jump between higher and lower Subdivision Levels, so if you have already modeled some Detail, in a Higher Subd Level, you then could jump back into a lower Level to make changes to the overall proportion- and your higher Level Detail would just follow! Pretty much what you can Do in scluptin, but in sclupting you sadly dont have direct influence on the generated vertices…