A way to automatically add scene information to the filename when you export an image sequence?

Hey guys, im exporting a ton of images sequences. Camera 1 has 20 pics, camera 2 has 20 pics etc etc. Scene 2 has the same setup…scene 3 aswell…etc.

When rendering the image sequences, I would like to include usefull information to the actual filename.
I would like to add the camera name, framenumber, scene and maybe other variables.

Is there a way to do this? I know blender only allows you to specify the location of the file numbers…but is there any way to add the camera and scene name to the filename automatically? An addon maybe?

You can “stamp” each frame with a wide variety of information . . . filename, timecode, frame number, date/time, and so on . . .

And you definitely want to do that to make your editing easier, because without it you won’t keep track of exactly what you’re looking at. It saves a lot of “shuffling around.” And, you can now look at each cut-point in your edit and see what you now need to final-render: “this file, this scene, frames X thru Y.”

Thank you for your answer @sundialsvc4…but im talking about the actual file name… not a stamp in the image (i knew that)…

thanks anyway!

I know that you can specify different names but I am not aware of any facility that allows you to, say, insert replaceable placeholders into that name-spec. (Except of course that image-sequence file names are consecutively numbered, which you don’t “specify.”)

I think multilayer openEXR might have something you can use to add scene data to the images but other than that maybe some sort of script or addon that can pe put into the file naming structure. Or maybe with a blender render manager addon you can change it before it renders.

Hey guys thanks for the input…After looking around, I found an addon that lets you use tokens for the output files… Its really usefull if you work with image sequences

Its called loom and can be found here

thanks again!