a way to mdel color gradient

is there a way in blender to model a plane or any surface with a color gradient
like horizontal - vertical or diangonal or circle ect…
and i mean a continous gradient not with definit colorbar !
i know that this can be done in certain 2D soft but i’d like a way to do it in blender with procedural texture if it is possible
any hel p would be appreciated

Yes, it’s called a blend texture. Press the colorband button to define your own gradient.

i cannot get a a continous descent gradient !
may be if i increase the number of colorband it would give a better gradient

i also check the vercol paiting but this requires to subdivide a lot and thenpaint each faces
and it is very difficult to get a continous gradient - easy for a discreat one
i also did a gradient in inkscape pic2 and this is beginning to give good result but it’s too linear
i think a Square or exponential decrease would give better resullts for stainglass type of gradient.
not easy to get the appropriate gradient
i tough this would be easy to do in blender but i havent found it yet
hoep it is there somewhere!
niote: it seems that the color of the gradient is stronglyt influcenceed by the ambiant light
si you loose the darkness in the gradient and it become very clear?

Blur before saving…?
Alternatively PhotoShop, Cinepaint and Krita can all handle 32 bit colour; or maybe make a world gradient in Blender, save the part you like the look of as an .exr and feed it back in as an image texture?
Or if you feel like learning something new, Xara is worth a look. There is a version for Windows and an open source version for Linux

click Shadeless to see the gradient independent of the lighting. also read http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Ramps - you can ramp the diffuse and the spec colors as well.

You can change the way Blender interpolates the gradients as well for blend textures.

i would like to have a procedural way of doing it instead of loading up an image file
takes less space and faster i think!

1 - i did tried the ramp but this is kind of difficult to do a nice continous gradient

2 - i tried the world and seems to be giving a kind of nice gradient but it;s only linear

3- shadless forget about it i need to put this stainglass into a scene where i need the shadows on things around !

i need a hard gradient for a stainglass project i’m working on
i been able to play with the parameters in inkscape and it’s beginning to be a hard gradient
but i had to cut the pic with paint program to make it look hard - but this is a file and i would prefer a procedural way of doing it if this exist in blender with procedural textures


like this?


i could not see much gradient in that pic!

here a sample of a stainglasss gradient
some are almost linear gradient but others are steeper gradient
that’s the type i’d like to have as a procedural texture
seems that is not that easy to do - never seen an example in wiki on this!

i put an example of a stainglass also in the WIP forum check it out
i was ble to make some with inkscape see pic