A way to model this form

Hi all,
Anyone know a way to model this kind of form ? or have a tutorial ?

I’m in love but so newbies and don’t see a workflow to make that ?

Make a UV Sphere. Select some loops with Alt + Right Click:

Invert your selection with Ctrl + I:

Press Alt + E, and choose Extrude By Normals:

Alternatively, delete your initial selected loops:
2022-04-06 11_28_26-Blender
And then add faces to all the holes, Alt + Right Click the loop and press F:

Your shape is mainly a bunch of spheres that have been affected like this

Hey Guillaume,

In a nutshell . . . .

You’ll find plenty of info on each of these steps on Youtube, or here on the forum.



Thanks Joseph,
I haven’t think of this workflow.
Simple, basic, work well !

Hi Damian
Exactly what I looking for :wink:

Boolean crossed my mind, but not trying yet !

I tried to do this with volume shader, unfortunately the volume shader has no full opaque value.
Maybe someone know a hack to improve this:

volume_cuts.blend (170.1 KB)