a way to read data from cycles texture coordinate node

I want to read data (per particle) which are written with the “texture coordinate node in cycles,with From dupli checked”

so I can transfer the particles texture to my mesh :slight_smile:
any idea if this is possible?
or how this node affects particles colors,so I read the colors directly from particle system,etc…any solution will be good :slight_smile:

well about a clearer idea:
1- each particle is emitted from a “surface position”
2- get the “UV coordinate” from the emitter for this particle

when I do something like:
it crashes blender

In the particle editor, down the bottom should be a texture tab, create a new texture there and then a texture icon will pop up next to materials and particles and physics… click on that and you got more options tehre.

particles cannot directly read from cycles materials at the moment.

well good news,I’ve found a way to get the 2d UV vector for each particle
now how to use this vector to “get” the corresponding color from an image

Hi Mohamed !

Can you explain how you get the uv coordinate from the particle ?