a way to rename objekt ig

is there a way to rename an objekt when the ge is runing?

From the Python API:

The object’s name. (read-only).

So primarily, no, it can only be read but written.
What do you need it for? Because actually, I would find changing the Name unefficient in most Cases (if it was possible in the first Place) and there might be a better Way to achieve what you long for.

doing an online setup, and where going to name every new player their ip, but i can maby use prop’s instead

Give them id Numbers instead for the actual technical Access (most-probably clearer to identify) and Player Names as Strings only used as »æsthetic Masks« for the People.

how can i set an position of an objekt that i don’t know the name of if i know it’s properety? (and it is the only obj whit that prop)

You can use the object finder. The thread contains examples how to use it. The matcher you need is:


objects = finder.findObjects(finder.byProperty, ["foo"])

finds objects with the property “foo”

objects = finder.findObjects(finder.byPropertyValue, ["foo", "bar"])

finds objects with “bar” in the property “foo”

so if i understand you right, if i do like this:
objects = finder.findObjects(finder.byPropertyValue, [“foo”, “bar”])
objekts.worldPosition = [0,0,0]

the object whit “bar” in it’s “foo” prop will be set at location 0.0.0?

objects is a list. So you have to take the one you need from it.

if not objects:
  print ("sorry, I found nothing")

if len(objects)>1:
  print ("I found multiple objects. I will use the first one I found")

objectOfInterest = objects[0]