A way to see who has most featured work?


Just wondering if there is a user-visible way to view a ranking users based on specific badges? I’m curious to see who has the most “featured artwork” here as a way to discover new-to-me artists. And also to see who I am gunning for :smiley: (whether it is achievable is not is another matter entirely).

Seems to me like yeah, you can do this, go to the finished projects, then click on “Top” button, and choose “all time” as shown below:

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So it seems this is giving me all the featured artworks, rather than artists ranked by number of times featured. But this is still useful, reminding me of quite a few cool artworks.

This would probably give you the most productive artists, but some of the best artworks from the
best artists I saw here generally post only once in a while.
But again it’s not a perfect rule either…

Anyway , top in ranking generally doesn’t mean the best :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I was going to add a comment about metrics - it’s something we discussed all the time in academia (journal impact factors, H-indices, etc.). I can see this going into the same circles as the “grades of tea” debate as in “Fearless”.

I know there are no perfect metrics and everyone has views on whether metrics are even helpful or not. These are all fine, as everyone is motivated and learns in different ways. For me, I find it interesting and motivating. Albeit you do need to extend caution to not get too addicted to “likes” etc.

For the workload, an easily if blunt fix would be to have a metric that was “featured works/non-featured works”, which would to some extent account for sample size. It would not be an objective measure, or an exhaustive sampling of 3D artists (e.g. a lot of people only post on Behance or whatever, and produce stunning work).

But the data is there, so…

I whipped up a database query that lists users by their number of #featured badges.


Helge is the top user since he runs the weekly community challenge, and we feature the winner every week - so his first place isn’t really his.

I think @Metin_Seven and @dtcartamania are the true Masters of Blender Artists! :crown: :tada:


I can’t manage to load the page on my computer …

This is what I see:

Link updated - please try again.


Working fine now!

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As you’d expect, lots of users featured once and then it gets thin at the top.

Dear god though, I am so rusty at using R.

Oh well, only another 25 and I’ll catch up! :smiley:

I think what is interesting, and unexpected to me anyway, is that most of the most featured works are stylised pieces. Usually the discussion in 3D is dominated by photorealism. Then again, this is perhaps because a lot of archviz stuff isn’t posted here etc.

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Yes, if you find your motivation in that I think it’s fine as long as you don’t do that blindly …

You can also look at the best of blender artists of the year, there are really good artwork there, and since they are voted by a larger amount it might be more representative of something…

But still there is a great difference between popularity and professionalism.
What I mean by that is the kind of work that will get you a job with CG might be very different from the kind of work that will be popular on social media.
But it’s easy to mix-match the two of them. Still it’s two very different world each of them with their own rules !

As always, it’s important to chose our battles wisely :slight_smile:

Have fun, and see you on the gallery then :smiley:


I am flattered! :heart:


Ooo, I love stats.
Funny I didn’t realize till now that I had only been featured 2 times. :laughing:

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Speaking of quality metrics, you might take into consideration that the nominating and voting for featured artwork is done by maybe a fourth of the regulars (that’s a couple of handful of people only), and that it comes completely down to personal tastes and personal idiosyncrasies. FWIW I think we take it fairly seriously, but I wouldn’t get too hung up on it. The featured row is more “look what cool and varied stuff people do with Blender” than “this is the meticulously curated best of the best”.

From my impression, archviz doesn’t receive a lot of voting enthusiasm. For one, it almost always lacks story, something that can make any render have more impact. Yet another relentlessly bright, spotless, minimalist kitchen doesn’t get people as easily excited, no matter how technically perfect it might be. Archviz needs to really stand out, while NPR, for example, is fairly rare and so gets noticed a lot more easily.


Thank you @bartv for your kind comments, with all the appreciations and likes
from the blender community and to thank everyone, I am bringing something really big from character production to something more bigger to Blender.

And I will reveal more detail after :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards,