A way to shake the world background?

Hey, I created an animation where camera shakes but the world background obviously doesn’t. I know i could set the background texture to plane and then it would shake also. But I am wondering if there is any other option that would allow the background to shake too?

when in doubt, put everything inside a giant textured sphere ( this can create other problems btw )

You could animate its offset. (in the mapping options)

Or use a 360 background set to “Real sky” (world options)

You know, sky doesn’t shake during earthquake! As you say it’s the camera. If you watch most of Japan earthquake caught on video, camera is getting moved around so much that you can’t even see what is going on. Everything is in blur. I say shake that camera good!

Thanks, i had put the texture to a plane and set it’s option to shadeless and it worked well :slight_smile:

call me wierd but can we see what ur talking about?