A website design.

Instead of a dark theme I figure I’d use a brighter place, I want to convert the top end to flash, since I should really learn to use it anyways.


this is really nice.

good job.

just the thing at the botom is it a link to a gallery or there will be more if it?

More… its just a mockup, oh and Thanks ^_-

ow ok than it is really really good :smiley:

I know it’s just a mock up, but you forgot the apostrophe in “weeks.” Other than that, I think the yellow box looks a little bland in comparison to the rest of the layout. Maybe if you took a picture of some flowers, colored it yellow, and set it to a low opacity for the box it would add the missing detail. I think “C-Login” (customer login?) is a little ambiguous, perhaps just “Login.” I like the little preview boxes in the lower half. I think some people will have trouble reading the text, though, as it is so small (for instance, I can’t tell whether it is 2004 or 2006 on the one directly under sketches). If you were to click on it, would it update to the yellow box, or was something else intended? One last thing, it looks like you put a glow on the “Copyright 2005 Gorilla3D.” Whatever layer style you used, I think it should match the one in the upper left-hand corner.

Good work,



Yeah, I like it a lot more now. It looks like you had a smoother (2px with gradient?) edge around the content (yellow) box in the first picture though, which I don’t think you should lose.