A Wee Bit O' General Gameplay Trouble

Hey community,

I’m having bit of trouble with the game engine. I’m not sure exactly what is the cause, though. So, lately I have been downloading a lot of blends having to do with the bge, but my issue is that a lot of them won’t render correctly. For example; from the Blender Wikibooks there is a game called Frijoles. That game won’t render correctly after I begin the game engine. The entire viewport goes purple and nothing else will happen. This also happened with a few other blends I have gotten from the Internet (most turn black or only render some of the things in the scene but not all). The issue isn’t that I have gotten bad blends, because I’ve been getting them from reliable sources, but I think it is a different issue entirely.
I’m running blender 2.64 (I think. I’m writing this from my tablet in bed at midnight and don’t feel like getting up) on a decent computer (nothing special, but nothing I wouldn’t brag about). Am I possibly using a version of blender that is different in just maybe one line of code that makes it ever so slightly incompatible with everyone else’s or is it something else? Any ideas will help because I am completely lost.


Could be a graphics card issue. Have you updated your drivers? Also check to see if the games have glsl mode off, it only supports certain cards. Lastly you could try out different blender versions and see if one of them works. Perhaps someone could find out the exact technical cause but those would be my steps to fix it on my own.

@g1i1ch thanks, I tried those things when I first saw the issue. I switched in and out of textured mode (since glsl won’t render in solid mode etc) and tried runtimes as .blends and also tried .blends as runtimes to no avail. I think I’ll try updating Blender tomorrow.

Older blend files won’t usually work out of the box, as they use older Python syntax, and so won’t run correctly (i.e. if something’s in front of the camera and Python’s used to turn it invisible, it will fail on newer builds of Blender (2.5x +) ). Also, a Python script having an error will generally halt the game engine, stopping logic execution. Are the blend files you’re playing relatively new?

@SolarLune yeah. They are relatively new, afaik. Like, the blend “Frijoles”