A weird Purple bird :) Wire and screenshot added!

Made this for the WC# 113 Topic: As I was walking down the street one day…

I thought you might wanted to see it :smiley:
GreetZ, BackiZ

Heh awesome :smiley: Got a wire?

He really does look wierd, you’ve done a great job on that, I like the toonish style.

haha! thats great. i think that would scare me though…

Anytime a stoned-looking purple bird shows up I know it’s time to stop drinking and go to bed.

Nice job on this one.

that is very awesome, nice job

Great render. venomgfx’ish in style.

One thing I noticed was the beak doesn’t seem to have the same level of subdivision as the rest of the bird. You can still see some edges on the front of the beak.


I think the background is toooooo blurry, and if you modelled the background then it’s gone to waste, because it’s extremely hard to work out and hurts my eyes when i want to look at it.

Otherwise, it’s a great image. :wink:

Thanks for the replies :smiley:
Here you have a wire and blender screenshot:

(yes, I’m bad at wires :stuck_out_tongue: )

Yes, I took a look at venomgfx his renders and decided that his style is great (congrats venom :wink: ). And about the subdivision, he is made of one piece, So there is just one subsurf level. I even remodeled the beak to get rid of the many vertexes.

No, no waste, you can see at the screenshot how ugly simple it is :stuck_out_tongue: And I like the big difference. It gives the feeling he is really close (and going to do some really stupid action :P)

Bye now, BackiZ

Pretty ingenious modeling, though there’s no actual street there I see that you literally modeled only what would be in view. :slight_smile:

I thought It was a drunk Pink elephant!
(remember dumbo?)

nice. could you make a wallpaper sized render? id realy put it on my computer screen.

great and simple model. (why cant i make something like that :frowning: ).

I thought It was a drunk Pink elephant!
(remember dumbo?)[/quote]

The elephants now join me while we wait for the bird and ever since Dumbo came of age, well, he flys in once in awhile and can really suck them down then starts talking alot of trash of how he had a harder life and can drink any other Elephant under the Serengetti including the Pink ones (and he always makes an odd foot gesture when saying ‘pink’) which usually creates a competition of who can drink more that typically results in hurt feelings of the losers who are so drunk they lose all sense of being a Pink Elephant and try to pummel Dumbo and cut off his ears in which case I have to stand up, try to remain standing while the room spins and jump into the fray screaming “Leave him alone! He brought another 24 pack and might roll over on it!”. Usually at this point the bird shows up sucking on a dooby and he’s such a noxious bore when he’s high all the elephants leave, I go to bed or at least pass out somewhere near it and the bird raids the 'fridge. So technically, yea, Pink Elephants are there… :wink:

The enviornment shot is slick, only what’s needed- have to learn that…

Hehe, looks like he’s just been smoking something :slight_smile:

Good job :smiley:

My only crit is that the background looks a bit too blurred.


Which street were you walking down, exactly? Sesame, maybe?

I love it. I absolutely don’t agree with those saying the background is too blury. If you were aiming at photorealism, which obviously is not the case (sorry BackiZ if it was the case :wink: ) that amount of blur would be possible. You can achieve any kind of blur if you’ve got the proper lens on the camera. So as it’s not photoreal, wtf. Go for it I love when a background is highly blured because the composition is more focused on the subject. It’s more intimate.
I made a picture like that a few weeks ago and got the same feedback. We’re aliates in that war :wink: