A White Christmas

This year I decided to put my Blender skills to use by creating a Christmas card in Blender that I could give to my girlfriend. So I decided on an idea I’ve had for a while, but have never got around to creating: a lonely log cabin in the dead of winter, lit up by Christmas lights and the stars above it.


The scene was created in Blender 2.49b and firework was added in Photoshop.

You can view my work in progress renders on my Tumblr blog.

I also made a short video log of the finished result and what I learnt from getting my work printed professionally:
You can watch this video from my website: http://www.blenderguru.com/getting-your-work-digitally-printed/

Please give your honest critiques so I can learn of ways to improve in the future!

love it,I like rope lights at house.
thank to your work in progress renders.
Imagine this scene have character and firework in animation.