A whole bunch of off-topic stuff about Amazon

Predicted Amazon-Users onslaught coming in 3… 2… 1…

Maybe some people don’t want to talk about politics (because no one keeps a cool head for long when discussing that particular topic) or care about Amazon’s practices. If you have concerns about Amazon there is the general discussion area. This thread is about O3DE in the Latest News area. I want to discuss the engine not the politics behind Amazon and their practices.


Told ya, here we go :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

No politics involved. I understand people like, use, and are addicted to Amazon, but there are those that are not. You have the right to promote Amazon, and we have the right to point out what a monster it is. No politics involved, just facts that no one is forcing anyone to discuss.

Do you see any of those against Amazon asking the mod to remove the thread because it promotes a corrupt, corporate monster?

Can I get back to my Box-Cutter and Hard-Ops videos now please? :wink:

Uhm I specifically said that the Amazon posts are interesting and instead of simply removing them (off topic) suggested to put this into a new thread so the discussion can continue there.

“This are actually Interesting reads but are not part of the game engine”

Thus I fail why that is bad.


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That’s fair enough, but in an open debate you also have to accept there are others here who do care, and some of the replies here prove that to be the case.

It’s bad because you’re asking a moderator to effectively make the conversation one-sided by removing the opinions of those who oppose the announcement. There is nothing stopping anyone continuing the conversation without mentioning anything what-so-ever about the evil behind it all.

Well, I think your points have been made loud and clear and we hear you. From this point forward I think we can all make up our minds about it.

Adults that we are :wink:

It would be nice to get back to the topic of the announcement of the tool and how useful it is etc.

Be my guest, Richard, no one is stopping you and in fact I’ve tried to pull out of the conversation twice now but keep getting pulled back in due to people trying to shut me up :grin:

lol… well I kinda just did, didn’t I?

I hope you are trolling here.

Let’s look at this from a logical proper conversation style

This thread is about the game engine Amazon donated as FOSS

Considering that it was tied to AWS but now is not anymore it is still legit to bring up locked in concerns or be curious about what alternative web service could be used instead

Amazon prime which is a different product thus should have it is own thread we were can discuss our views. We all here even agree on the shoddy aspect of Prime.

Honestly that makes each thread easy to follow and more productive.


There comes a point when somebody is preaching so hard and enthusiastically to the choir, that even the most hardcore member of it rolls their eyes in their skull and walks away.
You’ve reached that point yesterday - the horse is dead.
Not only is it dead, its flesh, bones and blood is splattered all over the ground and its already starting to rot, while you keep swinging.
I don’t mind, but maybe you might want to take a step back and take into account how this looks like from the side.
IMHO you are wasting a lot of calories and attention on something that is done and finished.


Not to mention, AWS is also listed as a Blender Patron. Should we toss Blender in the bin because it now has some connection with Amazon? Unless there is some definitive proof that ties the open 3d engine to AWS’s current practices and is open to being abused, then its not really worth pursuing here imo.

That said, I wonder how this will play into whats being done with Star Citizen. Perhaps we might see some contribution from their end.

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Sorry to break it to you, but no.

Says the man who wanted opposing opinions be removed by the moderator!

Yup, and my original reply was short and sweet merely giving my thought on the matter!

True, and considering Amazon previously owned it, I hope that removing any remaining Amazon infestiation is removed from the code sooner rather than later :+1:

Well then show this to be the case by supporting people who are rightly pointing these things out, instead of hitting out at them for their efforts to protect people.

No, it makes a conversation one-sided and protects those that others are outing, in this case Amazon. It is folly to believe that everyone is aware of Amazon’s practices. The opposite is true, most people seem to think the sun shines out of Amazon’s backside, hence why so many people use it.

Protecting people from Amazon will only ever be considered “wasted” when the sh*t finally hits the fan, and Amazon are brought crashing to their knees! Throughout history, dictators have always met their demise, and Amazon will be no different.

There’s a whole bunch of Blender supporters that give me the chills, and the reason they give me the chills is because I suspect every one of them are either influencing (or influencing through deception) a drive to have Blender become cloud-based.

But while it’s a concern, at the same time, there is comfort in knowing that if the Blender Foundation ever start talking about hosing even the slightest bit of Blender-dependent code in the cloud, I’ll personally crowd-fund a professional fork of the product and rename it. The ethics would be the same as the Blender foundation, with the addition of a statement outlining that the product will remain completely locally installable forever.

Could be my tin-hat talking, and I hope it is, but I have my ideas and opinions and am every bit entitled to them as you are to ignore them.

Man, I hope not … :grimacing: :wink:

So anyway, now that a whole bunch of you have pretty much stated that you’re not happy with me looking out for people, and that you don’t like this conversation, PLEASE don’t reply to me. Surely if you disagree with me, don’t reply to me, then there is no reason for me to reply back!

I made my point in my first post, I really could not care less about this product, and I’ll stick to Godot if I feel the urge to get into game-making!

I doubt that is going to happen as long as Ton is around, as he is quite steadfast in insisting Blender itself remains completely free with no hooks or catches attached. His manager Dfelinto also is largely the same way, then you have key devs. like Campbell who prefer working on code that stays completely free and open source.

The only way that could change is through a major shift in the ranks of both the BF leadership and the core team, something unlikely to occur for the next 10-20 years at least.

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Oh believe me, I don’t doubt Ton or any of the teams integrity at all, I’m right behind them spiritually and always champion the good work they do. Ton’s a rock, but some unfortunate day he will retire, and I get the feeling that the big companies that are showering Blender with cash are doing it for the same reason that Amazon have made their game engine open source.

Data gathering opportunities.

  • AWS (Amazon’s web division)
  • Canonical (Remembering the Amazon-Ubuntu privacy-abusing farce here)
  • Facebook (Need I say more)
  • Google (Need I say more)
  • Microsoft (Need I say more)

I wouldn’t have accepted donations from any of them: they’re all deeply untrustworthy companies with a fetish for clouds, data-gathering, privacy abuse and taking control. They also stand to build distrust in the Blender Foundation, something I witnessed large-scale whenever they announced these companies were funding Blender.

I guess Ton know’s what he’s doing, but personally, I’d have taken great satisfaction in telling each of those companies to go pleasure themselves with a cactus!

Personally, I think there should be a permanent statement from the Blender Foundation that Blender will remain 100% locally installable forever. Anything less than that goes beyond the whole point of open source, because if even the slightest bit of Blender code operates in the cloud, then you have no idea what it’s doing, or what it’s sharing, and there is nothing “open” about that, it’s software as a service that you have no control over what-so-ever.

DISCLAIMER: I wrote this response in reply to Ace_Dragon. It is merely my opinion and is not meant to trigger a debate on what was discussed. To that end, I would appreciate it if poeple would not reply to this message, but rather, think about what I said, and why it’s important. I do think the Blender Foundation need to do something regards making a statement about the very real concern surrounding clouds and data, especially now they have such powerful, untrustworthy companies among their sponsorship and funding.

If it is only for AD and you dont wish people to reply - then maybe post it as a private message to him.


Therein lies one potential concern with this new engine. Unlike existing FOSS solutions, they do not have a Ton or a Reduz who works to ensure the project stays on track on being completely free with no strings attached (such as data collection, paywalls, and do on). The website also does not give a clear indication of an independent foundation, it is more a coalition of some of the biggest names in tech. than anything else.

That is not to say that large corporations can’t be generous enough to produce a project that is FOSS and it stays that way, but it is rare for a billion dollar company to invest in something without the anticipation of it generating at least some revenue. Then there is the fact that we have seen many cases where things start out completely free, but only the purpose of building a community (after the community reaches a certain size, monetization is introduced).

I responded publicly because the message was public, and just so you know, I mainly added the disclaimer in an attempt to keep you happy!

Exactly, so this stuff really needs ironing-out while Ton is still chairman. Btw, good to hear Dalai Felinto is steadfast too. I’d hate to be Ton when put in the position of choosing a new chairman further down the line, but it’s something Ton should do with no input from anyone. Ton has proven himself and therefore needs to follow his heart (not anyone else’s) when the time comes. If Dalai shares Ton’s mindset, he might be the next chairman for all we know.

Anyway, I hope the time for Ton to retire as chairman is decades away yet!

You mean something like this?

Also the foundation has a mission statement:

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Lol dang !