A windmill


I finally finished this nature scene in Blender!

I made the windmill by myself, but then I kind of got lost in the process of making the grass… so I watched a course on Udemy (Creating environments in Blender), and after a lot of tweaking and adding things (stones, some other plants, moss,…) I am finally SOMEWHAT satisfied with the render.

I could probably tweak it endlessly tho… but then i’d never be finished.

I hope you like it!


It looks really good so far, and nice job on the windmill!

I think the stream might look a little bit better with thicker reeds:

Also, it seems pretty barren without any trees. One tree would probably be enough to fix the emptiness. I think the only other thing I could suggest is adding something for the distant background since it looks like there is nothing beyond the hills.

Good stuff!


oops, i didnt even research how reed looks like irl, so its my bad :smiley:
i kinda wanted to leave the space empty, because i liked the clouds… but im going to try to fill the scene with a tree or two :slight_smile:

thank you for your advice!

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