A Winter Scene

A winter scene designed and rendered in blender 2.93
I used photoshop and special brushes for creating tire tracks and then used them as a textures in displacement modifier to create these on snow layer

here is another one with different sun position and much more shadows


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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First one looks good, second one blues in the shadows on trees looks over saturated. And snow around the tires print has very unnatural contrast between white and dark blue

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Both are great :star_struck: I like the second one a bit more - but Michael already pointed out: It looks a bit oversaturated. A bit to blueish.

How did you created the snow in the trees?

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Thank you, i used real snow (it’s a free addon) and you can tweak it’s material nodes as you want
you can put snow using this addon on a selection of faces too! so you can put them on leaves or plane curves to make that illusion!
Regarding the second photo, I agree that the bluish tint seems a little wrong and weird!, but shadows on snowy surfaces should look a little blue but on trees because they are thinner they remain kind of white, maybe i should increase the subsurface scattering or use photoshop to get rid of the blue tint (lazy solution :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)
my raw render isn’t that bluish but when you increase contrast and tweak your render output color a little, these things happen.