A Wistful Adventure Beneath Ancient Desert Sands!

These are a few stills from a little movie I’ve been putting together in Blender over the last two years. Its about three sisters who find themselves between a condemned soul and the animal gods who own it.

I think its an engaging watch if you don’t mind its pace, or that it is a bit lo-fi and in B&W. These last two concessions were essential to keep this from taking the rest of my life to finish! I don’t think these qualities hurt it though, it looks fine to me. I hope a few other people might find something to like in it, too!



oh my god, ONE HOUR of animation by yourself?
That’s really impressive.
Haven’t had the time to watch it in full yet, but scrolling through it, it looks beautiful! Awesome lighting, nice animation…

This deserves 5 times 5 stars!

By the way did you submit it to some festivals or contests? you should!

Thank you so much for your kind words, elbriga, they mean a lot to me! I get very little feedback at home!

I don’t really know much about contests or things like that. I’m flattered that you would suggest them! I’m a bit hesitant to mention the movie at all, even here where its encouraged. I tend to make things and then move on without telling anyone I’m done!

I’ll probably watch it in full this weekend.
I don’t know if I’m being objective here but the framing and lighting here are just perfect, it’s rare to see that in such long clips.
I don’t know about your professional background but I’d even get in touch with some production companies if I were you. You never know.

There are a lot of festivals especially for short films (this one might be too long), but you should look it up!

Thank you again, you have been very encouraging! The framing and flow are everything to me!

I will look around a bit this month to see if there are places to submit the movie because it would be a little sad for it to vanish into Youtube’s search-query quicksand. But kind words from you and a few others have let me know the movie has been seen and appreciated! So even if it does disappear now into the digital sludge, I don’t feel as if it has been a vain exercise!