a witch house

Hi Friends,

im working on a scene for a witch house, im making a choise between 2 scenes, a marble-like material scene, where i transformed the scene as a small statue and the natural scene but its missing something im not sure what it is.
here are the 2 photos.

natural scene:

it used to have a tree but i could get the texture correctly on it so i removed it.

let me know your thoughts.

I like the material of the top one more, though you should probably change the setting. I don’t know exactly where it would be though.

thanks Robert for your feedback, by setting you mean the scene it self? i was thinking about making a shelf maybe and put my renders over it, i think that would be cool.

That shelf idee is great. Anyway, the nature scene -I think- has the most potensial to be a awesome render. Al it needs is a bit tweeking of the lighting and a dash of post-processing.

thanks Chris, im trying to tweak the second scene a little bit, im working on the lighting now, adding few grass around the place and may be ill add some stones while im at it.
here is a different view