A Yafray Car - Porsche

Look at this yafray render


It needs some tweaks, but I like it. My next car will be a PTCruiser.

You forgot the mirrors Dude :slight_smile:
Other than that, great modeling!!!
Did you get your reference images here www.suurland.com
If no, then where?

Add the mirrors and make the ground plane more interesting. Right now it really clashes with the background.

Overall it looks pretty good, but the mesh still needs some tweaking.


I knew something was missing when I saw it.

Mirrors eh? Good idea. Add some mirrors, and either get rid of the picture background or make it lower.

Then it will be sweeet! :smiley:

Mirrors are a thing of the past… they’re just air resistance when you consider that you could be using rear mounted cameras.

The thing that bothers me is the lack of seams - you made the transistions between different materials much too direct. There are always going to be grooves in those places.

Ye, you are right, have any idea how it is possible to make the grooves?

I get the Blueprint from google! I dont remember what site.
I am not happy with the grooves, and some parts of the mesh, I have to fix that.

The Background is ugly because is a HDRI probe, I was trying to make it uniform like the renders at: www.suurland.com , but is not yet supported by Yafray ( I am wrong? :o)