A Year With Blender and 3D

Hey everyone.
I have been using Blender for a year. I remember doing a search 12 months ago when i stumbled across Blender accidently. I downloaded it, opened it up and thought i was inside a cabin for a Boeing 747. It took me a few days to realise that the default screen was a 3D cube! WOW! A virtual 3D space where endless possibilities could be created. Unfortunatley, my works thus far don’t compensate for my far reached imagination. It has though opended up a new world for me. Something in which i would like to persue. I see the world as 3D, something which may seem funny to some but looking into it (the world) seems to justify my emancipation. Starting from rock bottom with a Diploma in animation next year at JMC Academy, Australia, I hope i can get better.
I have seen a few others post their works for a year with Blender, not that i really call what i have done “Works” as posse. Thought i would do the same however. HOPE ITS OK!!!
Most are unfinished, lost .blends. Most i have already posted as WIPS and what not. Hope no1 is shitty.

You’re a talented guy. I really like especially the X-Wings, the house, the engine and the castle but in every image I could spot something catched my attention and inspired my imagination. Keep model and have fun!

All those pictures are definitely worth your efforts as they are quite impressive . You have really good skills for only one year in 3d …

However some of them lack on the quality of lighting.
You should improve your skills on it a bit more

I agree…all are very well done, especially for only 1 year. Great job,and good luck at the school.


This is indeed a story I’d remember. That once there was this Blender artist who shared the same thoughts as me and look at him now. :slight_smile:

Haha! I nearly laughed my brains out when you said you were like in a cabin of a Boeing 747!!! Hahaha!

Congratulations, pal! And happy blender anniversary to you! :slight_smile:

Nice works. One crit - the house - garage door has wood texture. The size of the ring on that wood is massive. Tree must be 100 feet across. Maybe reduce the size a little. I also note the house number - 69.

if you are gonna study animation then why not show us some of yours?

this site needs more cartoons says i!

For one year using Blender (And no prior 3D experience I’ve gathered?) those are pretty good. It looks like you pay attention to the fine details which is what differentiates a good image from a great image.

Happy Blender Anniversary!

This past year has allowed you to become very competent with the tools. Your work has strong fidelity to reality.

Now, with those tools, I encourage you to explore the creative and conceptual possibilities of virtual 3D space. (emphasize on conceptual :slight_smile:

Real thanks for all your comments, suggestions and encouragement.
Im sure I would have given up months ago with Blender if wasn’t because of the feedback and positive comments we all receive here at BlenderArtists.
@+peter, you hit the nail on the head. Will aim for a more creative conceptual approach towards things from now on. I knew something was missing and now understand what I must do to improve.
LOL @ reynante. Im glad to hear I wasn’t the only one.
@linuxpimp21 Naa, no prior 3D experience. Might pick up on fine detail when Blending, everyday life however tells a different story :slight_smile:
@smaTheGreek. Thanks. Yeah, suk at lighting. Hard to get right. Lots of trial and error and in the end you still don’t get what you want. More practice, reading and focus might help. Cheers.
@tcrazy Thnx Tim i think i’ll need it.
@ShilaM Appreciate that and will do.

very good portfolio man. waiting to see your creative side also asap!

Very Nice!

Almost all have awesome lightning, the ones that look earlier seem to have primitive lightning. Awesome modeling!

thought i was inside a cabin for a Boeing 747

lol, good parallelism ! on ur renderings i see you are also interested in planes and stuff (is that a turbine?)
for 1 year your work´s really impressive like the other users said, but ur lightning is improvable, try to lessen the contrast between dark and light areas.
this november i´m gonna be a 1 year user too, hope i can hold your pace …

I’m well impressed with the work dude. Lighting is far superior to some of the works out there and your attention to detail is fantastic. Thats my let down - in all my work - i’m lazy when it comes to detail -so maybe your work already inspires. Keep on trucking dude - i’d hire ya any day

Don’t mean to be bumping this up again but i just wanted to say once again thanks for the comments.
Will take on board everything mentioned.
@psyt0ll Don’t laugh, it’s half propeller turbine engine with the other half being a jet engine exhaust. Don’t ask me how that works. Happy soon to be anniversay to you 2. :slight_smile:
Thanks all.
Over and out.