A yet unnamed character

Yes, another head. I took a break from learning lowpoly stuff. I did learn a lot about texturing while I was at it though, so I tried me another head. Yes, by the way, yes I like creating ugly people. even though stylised, I find “less attractive” more interesting to model.

So here he is, the textures still need some work, but it’s getting there.

Latest Update:

And ofcourse some… badly shown wires:

And the UV layout and maps:\

Ofcourse, as usual, any input and/or critiques are more than welcome.

looking pretty nice, i like the style you’re going for. one thing i might suggest is it looks like you’re using SSS, and if so, you might tone it down a little bit; there seems to be too much green tone around the nose and “smile lines”.

You’re right, I threw in a quick standard SSS, but the look didn’t quite work. I updated the diffuse map a bit, gave a light ehm… let’s call it a three-o’clock-shadow stubble and took out the SSS for now.


thats brilliant excellent textures :smiley:

Here’s another small update, mainly work on the textures, eyes and lighting.


I can see your texture seams on the head. I would paint over them in with some of the new paint tools in the 3d view

also you might put the seams in a less noticable spot.

actually, what you’re seeing is not the diffuse or bumpmap (can’t believe how old-fashioned that sounds:P). It’s actually the specular map which I haven’t got around to working on more, will get on that right away. Good you noticed though, gives me the idea there’s still people actually paying attention to those details.