A - Z Blender Challenge

The A - Z Challenge is a 3D modeling challenge I came up with to get my self back into Blender and 3D in general. Basically each day or two days depending you must model a letter of the alphabet. It has to be interesting, there has to be some story or other appeal to it, but the letter must be the main focus. I am by no means a blender expert at all so mine will not be all that impressive.

This is my first one, A (obviously), so critiques or recommendations would be awesome

Blender 2.78
Cycles Rendering Engine (200 samples) would have done more but time limitations


Nice idea. Looking forward to see more letters with creative ideas. I highly recommend to work on your letter challenge from A to Z to see what you can do yourself and than ask for critique. That way you wont be influenced by ideas from others.