A Zelda 64 challenge?

I was wondering if anyone wanted to replicate the set-up in Ocarina of Time, so I can get on with making my game :3

Make it a challenge or something, but, exactly like Ocarina of Time?

One or more is now working on Zeldafans-games already, maybe u could see if u could collabrate with one of them… But yea, go for it, if u want working on ur own.
Im a zeldafan, I hope I could test many fangames I could come over…

few things here…

A) copyright infringement? i’m not really against making fan things, but that coupled with the next is a red flag.

B) asking others to do your work without first showing yours, and without
capturing the interest of the forum. that shows a lack of both effort and respect for peoples time around here.


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