A zombie (beware!!! not for sensitive persons!!!)


C&C welcome…

damn the texturing is awsome man… i love the muscle detail! only thing i can see that doesnt look right is the neck; it seems to protrude out too far right before the head… and i know its ur own creation, but dont traditional zombies have decaying flesh and shit? other than the discoloration, he seems pretty in tact… but perhaps that is just a personal preference =)

This is great texturing and modeling :smiley:

ownage! good job! but yea. the neck looks a bit thick. but other than that its great! keep it up!

Looks more like an egyptian zombie to me. The whole embalmed look and what not. Well preserved.

Looking forward to see your progress (i don’t really like the render, the model looks great, fix the neck). Keep it up :slight_smile:

YUCK! Good job :slight_smile:

Thnx everyone, 'bout the “clean” zombie… well its still a WIP :P…

here’s the next update :wink:


Tell me what you think 'bout it! oh and C&C are still welcome!!!

I don’t know much about the decay rate of a body but wouldn’t the ears and nose be one of the first things to go? Also the eyes are made mostly of liquid to my knowledge and does this zombie have a past aka a plot line or a life before a zombie?

Just a little constructive criticism cause it really does look amazing.

thnx for the constructive critics really :), you’ve got a good point 'bout the nose and ears and I definitally will work on it… the eyes well I made them like this to make it look more horrifying ^^

and the zombie is for a game :wink: which is why I can’t tell much detail 'bout his past :wink: