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have you tried this thread?

It is weird that it doesn’t work after a few frames, unless your scene is needlessly complex it shouldn’t freeze

256Mb of memory is enough for blender, for most things. It is possible to use it all, but a good modeler will not [because they would try to make sure each poly adds some detail]

I guess you could ignore that part, it is to troubleshoot if you have the proper video drivers installed and working

essentially the major fix to most problems is two things:
upgrade your video drivers
change display color depth to 16 bit

intel integrated cards are INCREDIBLY slow at 32 [or 24, I haven’t seen one which supports 32] bit, and some other cards simply do not let blender start (this seems more of an issue on a mac).

I’ll try to clear up that part later today [there is more than just that part I have to look at]