Hi readers, This is (approximately) the result I aim :

But when I try to integrate the “triangle” (to simplify) to the main shape, the subsurf ends up with unwanted results :

I thought my “mesh topology” in this area was good but apparently not
(in the project attached)
Does someone can point me out what I am doing wrong please ?

Thanks for paying attention to this post,

NB : project attached if you want to mess with :wink:


[final]the_two_mesh.blend (463 KB)

did you try to apply subsurf first then add boolean modifier!
that should work nicely use this before on a watch and it works!

happy blendering

I think your problem is the n-gon.

What I did was collapse the extra edges that you are using for subsurf control, use edge crease (Shift-E) to control the subsurf, and added edge loops to turn the n-gon into quads.

just a quick response to thanks you for your fast answers and to thank you for paying attention to this thread whereas I messed up with the subject ! (I have just noticied it … -_- ).
I am exploring your answers.
Thanks again.