A132 Ver. 2.59

yes! a minor upgrade to A 132.

so here she is.

now a news announcement :smiley:

Mentel Industries has announced that A 132 has been upgraded to version #2.59
the major improvements on this are an improvement on the smile as well as better movement capabilities of the wrist. also better wires were added and the chest shell was modified at the shoulders. her experiment continues to commence and she will be ready to live her life again amongst the humans as an individual.

the improvements were:
improve smile and mouth opening shape keys.
the addition of wires in the neck and torso,
different wrist joint (the original only allowed up and down movement.)
shoulder socket shape modification
and a slight raise in the front of the “hair”

there you go. enjoy :smiley:

Mentel industries-improving the future. one machine at a time.

(i dont know why, but i like making a joke off of commercials ;)).

i love your model and the description as well. great work! her face is so nice :smiley: keep it up!

Yep she’s a cute one. Even I’ll admit to that.

And don’t worry. Shes bound to change as I do. The older I get, the older she does. That’s how a lot of characters are. :smiley:

Two threads in finished projects on the same day with the same model? Why not post in the other thread? or if you’re still making tweaks how about the Work In Progress forum? surely that’s more appropriate?

I wouldn’t mind but you’ve been posting minor variations on this for what seems like months!

Hey…I know it seems like that.

But the difference is that this is more than likely going to span throughout my entire life.

To maintain one thread for that long is probably going to be hard for me to do.

If you can tell me otherwise…Then i may do it.

Oh the other one was just a small pic I made as a sort of joke using the 2.58 version.
Shortly afterwards I did this.