A37 in movie video editor

So I used my Sony A37 to take video footage but when I brought it into Blender to do tracking, the video came up with double lines and is all messed up and i can’t track
is there something i’m doing wrong or something i can do?

There is nothing wrong with the video itself it plays properly in other video players.
I brought the video into the movie video editor through the open tab at the bottom of the movie editor screen.

the video came up with double lines
What does this mean ? Screenshot ?
What precise format / settings were you shooting the video ? From the comment above was it interlaced video ? Try deinterlacing it first before bringing into blender or shoot in a progressive format

Here is pic. Not really sure what the other stuff was and what the setting were.
What is interlaced video?

Thanks just tried deinterlacing the video and it works great!

so i brought in the deinterlaced video but now the trackers i put in do not stay and there is skips in the video after working on the thing.

quoted in agreement… you can track deinterlaced video if you have to, but it will be much harder to do (as you are finding out…) and the results will not be anywhere as good

From the a37 manual page 104:

It looks like your best bet for tracking would be either AVCHD 24p 24M(FX) or AVCHD 25p 24M(FX) –>only 1 will be available depending on where you bought your camera (NTSC countries: 24p, PAL countries: 25p) This mode has the best resolution and quality progressive video that your camera can shoot.

hope that helps