A7V Sturmpanzerwagen

A7V Sturmpanzerwagen

http://img226.imageshack.us/img226/4011/a7vpanzerfinal2az8.th.png http://img167.imageshack.us/img167/6769/a7vpanzerfinalfw8.th.png

Modeled in Blender 2.42 and Rendered in Yafray. Texturing and border done with the Gimp.

The A7V was the first german tank. It was created to counter the first british tanks at the end of the first World War.

I started modeling the basic shape friday night when the theme was announced. The model and texturing was done by saturday night. I spend my morning tweaking and getting the render the way I wanted in Yafray (I had some rendering error that caused me quite a headache) Everything is modeled: the rivets are all hand placed (that took a while…)

I’m especially proud of this entry as it’s probably one of my best models done in such a short time. I’m happy with the camouflage too.

I’d love to know what you think so drop a comment if you have any,

Looks great…dodgy though they were. Would of been useless in battle. The tracks look great. Except it looks like the wheels aren’t textured. Otherwise its a good model. Good job.

Thank MoZ. (Discussion on this follows. It is actually the worst /edit)Actually, it was the best World War 1 tank made. The british one would have been useless against it since it only had machine guns (and the german one had a 58mm gun). It also had a nasty moral impact on troops as they couldnt stop these appocalyptic monsters. The trench wars were nasty but when you have a couple of these monsters charging you gun blazing throught the mud field. Hell on earth if you ask me.

And you’re right, I did not texture the wheels because of time constraints. I wanted a finished entry for the WC and I am not sure if I’ll be able to texture them and post a new render so I may make an update.

Looking great!

Though, the bolts seem a bit odd. Too dark in my opinion. Are they textured?

Thanks The M.h.p.e…
The bolts are textured but I made them darker than the other so they stood out a bit…but you’re right, it’s a bit too dark.

What a nice looking A7V tank, how did you make the rivets (textures?). The A7V was not the best WWI tank it was one of the worst, many of the British tanks had two six pounders guns in the side sponsons with machines guns, in fact British referred tanks with canons male tank and the tanks with machine guns female tanks no kidding it’s true, but one the best and real tank (with a revolving turret) was the French Renault FT17.

Those must be the newer models that appeared after the a7v. Well, again folks, another example why you need to read different sources :slight_smile: So my mistake and thanks for telling me about those other tanks that were not mentioned in the article.
I’ll google that and see if I can find the same info.

The rivets are actualy modeled and placed manualy to their appropriate location. I did half the tank and mirrored them to the other side. It took a while to do but once you’re in the routine, copy-drag-rotate if needed- copy … it actually goes pretty fast.

And what do you use for rivets half spheres?

They are a simple low poly Sphere (12x12) I deleted half of it, extruded the middle, shrinked it and extruded it out so I had a cylinder attached to the half sphere. And voila, a rivet!
You do have to be careful when making the rivets to keep it as low poly as possible otherwise your poly count will go up fast.

Nice model. The wall thickness of the cannon has to be increased – the hole should be only about 60mm (a little over 2 inches).


Thanks GreyBeard. Now that you pointed it out the cannon does seem a bit thin
So for my update list I’ll put to use for the update tomorow
*cannon thickness
*Trackwheel’s texture
*Rivets that standout less

Well thanks for the help guys. Put the changes in and made another good render in Yafray


I feel like doing the Mark I or the Renault Ft-17 Tank now :slight_smile: I have the blueprints.

Regarded a failure! The tank, that is, not your model :slight_smile: which is great.

Around 57 mm – which is the same size as around half of all british tanks had as standard cannons…wysiwyg { background-attachment: scroll; background-repeat: repeat; background-position: 0% 0%; background-color: #f5f5ff; background-image: none; color: #000000; font-family: Verdana, Arial, “Times New Roman”; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: 400; font-size: 10pt; line-height: normal } p { margin: 0px; }

anybody that likes ww2 stuff should get Company of Heroes - it’s a real-time strategy game based off of warhammer 40k engine. one of the best games I’ve ever played… not very realistic gameplay (capturing strategic points for resources) but amazing tank models (shermans, panzers, ostwinds, renaults…), destructable environments, flamethrowers, etc. fun.

very nice model. hand-placed rivets… jeez. great work!

Actualy WW1 tanks were quite useless, if the crews werent gassing themselves to death they would be shot to peices by mg’s firing Steel core penetrators.

Tanks never had a real impact in WW1, infact the germans got better results using highly trained light infantry armed with smgs and lmgs than any side got with tanks.

and the male/female concept was used with the first tanks, it was the theory that the males could move forwards blowing the hell out of stuff while the females suppressed any possible threats to the males and cut any attacking infantry to pieces.

Nice model though, I like it. I wish I could make it.

Nice work. Are you planning to make a little movie with it or are you just making some (lovely) photo-renders?
Keep it up!

Ciao,( tot de volgende keer, au revoir,)

I’d love to understand your YafRay setup. Any chance you could mail me a blend file. You could remove the tank if you want… just leave the options?

Wow, thanks for all the comments guys.

Inmare>> Yeah, the tank overal was a failure but it wasnt that bad. My mistake of thinking it was the best tank came from an article gloryfying an encounter where 1 A7V fought off 2 british female tanks before drawing a draw against a male one. Biased info :slight_smile:

NodeRanger>> LoL video game addict :). I’ve heard of it but I already have enough games to play right now.

Hc00>> I agree, they were early prototypes, just like the planes. Most of the fighting was done by the infantry being butchered in the trenches.

Gallardo>> I’m not sure. I should do the tank track tutorial to rig my tank tracks if I want to do a movie though I’ll have to change my lighting setup to use the internal render because there is no way I’m gonna make an animation in Yafray. What I want to do right now is make the 2,3 other main tanks of WW1 and bring them together in a collection of renders. It’s going to be a good practice for my modeling and texturing skill before I start etching out my entry for this Peugeot contest I want to give a try at.

Reaper>> My Yafray setting is rather basic. I have a single sun lamp with no ray shadows (only to give general direction of light rather than only GI). The rest is lit by Yafray’s GI. I’m using skydome and a rather good quality. I also enable Cache. In the second tab deselect XML, Auto AA (which I configure manualy, in this case 4x4) and Clamp RGB. I also have a slight blue world color (0.95 , 1.00 , 1.00)

:slight_smile:There where only 20 A7V produced, but 3600 Renault FT17 and a few thousand Mark I-IV (andsomehundredotheralliedtankmodels), so there were no real chance for comparision.Germanpropagandaworkedbetterthantheengineersandthefactories. Same with submarines and planes. You know that the A7V’s 57mm guns were from Belgium?

Who messed up the text boxes?